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Sundays are meant to be spent relaxing, reflecting and refueling. My Sundays consist of church, errands, a little cleaning laundry and lots of me time.

This Sunday I was craving donuts from East Main and Main in Port Jefferson, I grabbed 4 delicious donuts along with an iced cold cup of nitrogen brewed coffee from Sail Away Coffee. Now I don’t drink coffee, I’m not a fan of the flavor or have any reason to drink it, but the nitrogen brewed coffee from Sail Away Coffee is amazing, it’s always a must whenever I pick up some donuts. East Main and Main recently just opened up a few months ago and boy are they now popular! They have daily specials (such as the rainbow cookie) and flavors that you can grab every day (such as the cookies & cream, cereal killer with fruity pebbles and iced lemon blueberry) shown below.  But you need to get there fast, because these delicious donuts sell out FAST!

How delicious do these look?!



Now on to my relaxed Sunday outfit:

Jeans: American Eagle Destroyed Tomgirl Jean

These American Eagle jeans are my absolute favorite!! They are so comfortable and so soft not stiff and hard to move in like other ripped jeans I own from other brands.

Sandals: Jack Roger Georgica Jelly Sandal in Gold

These Jack Roger Jelly Sandals are my favorite purchase of the Summer, I own classic jacks and boating jacks but never thought I would like the jelly sandals because I thought the plastic would be uncomfortable and hurt my feet, but I was so wrong! I took the jump to buy them on Amazon Prime Day when they were on sale and I have been wearing them nearly every day since.

IMG_6847     IMG_6848

So onto my most recent accessory purchase. After hating Apple Watch when it was first released two years ago. I finally fell in love with it after my Fitbit Charge HR just wasn’t cutting it anymore for me. Along with my Apple Watch I purchased this leather wrap band from Casetify. I was head over heels in love with the Hermès leather double band, but wasn’t looking to spend $500 on just a leather band! So I went on a hunt, I’ve purchased phone cases from Casetify and knew they also sold Apple Watch Bands so I figured I’d take a look. I was amazed when I found an IDENTICAL leather double wrap band to the Hermes for a fraction of the cost, only $90! I was amazed by the price and the quality of this band AND it comes with TWO bands! one to wear as a double wrap band, and another to wear it as a single band! So if you own an apple watch I absolutely recommend you buy this apple watch band from Casetify!

Another recent purchase of mine is from Pura Vida. This Silver Wave Ring was a spur of the moment purchase while purchasing some amazing Pura Vida Charity Bracelets. Unfortunately most of the charity bracelets are no longer available due to being sold out, and the Silver wave ring is also sold out, but the Gold Wave Ring is currently in stock!


Here is my most recent phone case purchase from Casetify. I absolutely love these phone cases from Casetify, I have purchased so many for my phone and they look amazing and protect my phone perfectly from falls. I recently just purchased a marble loopy case which I am absolutely in love with and will be doing a review in a later post, so keep an eye out for it!

And what Sunday is complete without a stop to the farmers market for some fresh sunflowers?!


Happy Sunday!

xo Annalise

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