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Tieks Review

So I finally did it! After years of wanting Tieks I finally broke down and bought my first pair! I’ve read a million reviews saying that they are the most comfortable flats and I just never believed it… until now!

Never have I found a pair of flats that were actually comfortable to wear all day long. The closest thing to absolute comfort I’ve found in a flat are my Michael Kors Fulton Moc Flats but I still wasn’t that crazy about those. I’ve spent years and so much money trying to find the perfect pair of flats… from Target, to Macy’s to Payless. I’ve tried every brand name, store brand, pleather & leather flat I could find, but every single one was either uncomfortable or just not my style.

So I decided to finally see what the craze was about and bought myself a pair of Tieks. I bought the “Ballerina Pink” ballet flats & I love them! I chose the “Ballerina Pink” because it’s such a soft fun neutral color I thought would go perfectly with a lot of my Lilly Pulitzer dresses for teaching. I haven’t wore them longer than a few minutes walking around the house, but so far they are SO comfortable! They do squeak when I walk on my hardwood floors, but I’ve read in other reviews that it goes away after wearing them for awhile. My normal shoe size ranges from a 6 to a 7, so I ordered a size 7 since Tieks only come in full sizes and I always like my shoes to have more room than fit just right.


First off I absolutely love the packaging !


I think my favorite part about Tieks is that they fold up making them the perfect size to fit in your purse! And they come with a travel pouch for your Tieks and a foldable bag for your heels! Making the transition from heels to flats super easy!







Also totally loving this little custom note! Seriously makes the whole buying experience a million times better! & totally brightened my day!


Also whats so great about Tieks are that they are made of 100% Italian leather, the cushioned back is so comfortable (& doesn’t cut into your Achilles like other flats I own), and that they are so easy to walk in straight out of the box, they’re soft and flexible yet durable.



Here is the pouch for the Tieks & inside is the blue foldable bag for your heels!



Definitely loving my Tieks so far & I cannot wait to wear them this coming Spring once the weather is warmer. In the future I plan to also buy the Metallic Bronze Tieks or the Rose Gold Glam Tieks!

Here’s an awesome post regarding Tieks if you’re looking for more information from a long time owner of multiple Tieks flats.


I hope I inspired some of you to at least go check out the Tieks website and shop their “Boutiek” Happy shopping!!

xo Annalise







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