DIY Dreamy Bokeh Photos!

DIY dreamy bokeh photos! No photoshop or filters required!

So I’ve been getting a little stir crazy the past few days of winter vacation so I decided to pick up my camera and some twinkle lights  and start taking photos of basically everything and anything in my room! And I am loving the results!


What you’ll need:

1.  A DSLR camera with a large focal length & a small aperature.

-I used my Nikon Dslr with my 85mm lens, I set my aperture to the lowest DOF which is 1.8 for my lens, and then only adjusted my shutter speed to capture these dreamy images.

2. Twinkle string lights- I used ones from Target that I found in the dollar section for $1.99 on sale, but these are similar

3. Something to capture a picture of! Whether it be a friend, your cat or anything laying around in your room, your images will magically look so dreamy right out of a fairy tale!


Let me know if you tried this below in the comments!

xo Annalise


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