DIY Gold Fur Chair

DIY gold fur desk chair for under $40!


So in the midst of remodeling my room I was on the hunt for the perfect desk chair to match my style, something classy but fun and comfortable. But no matter where I looked from Home Goods, to Target, to every place online I could not find ANYTHING under $200! So I decided to make my own!


So Here is what you need!


So I saw this idea on Pinterest to spray paint the legs of this chair gold, so I figured I’d try it since I already have an addiction to spray painting everything in my room gold. (See my room makeover post) So I went out to Ikea and bought this chair with the plan to just take it home and spray paint it and call it a day, but while waiting on line at Ikea I saw this amazing rug and thought to myself “this fits perfectly over my chair!!!” and bought it. So I went home, took out my handy dandy bottle of gold spray paint and sprayed away all of the pieces of the chair legs. (**Make sure you spray paint the legs before you assemble it** & spray in a well ventilated area, outside if you can) Two coats covered everything perfectly. I then assembled the chair, threw my little rug on top and BAM I made this awesome chair for under $40!


Only thing I need to do now is see if I can figure out a way to keep the fur attached to the chair to limit it sliding around while I sit in it. If anyone has any ideas please leave them in the comments!

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY!

xo Annalise


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